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War Child Western

War Child Western works to spread awareness and raise money for War Child Canada. We host fundraising events through out the year and 100% of the donations we receive from each event go directly to support War Child Canada's programs worldwide.

WeBall Western

WeBall Western exists to provide students the opportunity to engage in group activities while promoting physical activity and bringing students together to build lasting social experiences and friendships.

Western Accounting Association

Providing members with the experiences and preparation needed to thrive as the accounting professionals of tomorrow.

Western Anime Club (Anime Video Explosion)

Western Anime Club's events focus on introducing various forms of Japanese animation to its members by showing and reviewing various programs and special features originally produced for a Japanese audience. The purpose of the club events is to provideā€¦

Western Art Club (WAC)

WAC provides all undergraduate students, regardless of their artistic abilities, with the opportunity to participate in multiple art and craft workshops throughout the year.

Western Aviation Association (WAA)

The Western Aviation Association links pilots and aviation enthusiasts through flying, tours, and social events.

Western Billiards Society

WBS is growing and we are looking for more members. For this semester, we will be hosting events that will allow you to socialize with fellow pool players, meet new friends, or just simply have fun!

Western Climbing Club (Climbing Club)

The Western Climbing Club works hard to provide a friendly, active climbing community for UWO students.

Western Coffee Club

As the second most traded commodity in the world, behind only crude oil, there is much more to coffee than Starbucks lattes and Tim Hortons drip.

Western Crafting for a Cure

Western CFC strives to achieve the goals of the not-for-profit registered charity "Crafting for a Cure" by facilitating unique volunteer opportunities for students.

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