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Ukrainian Students Club

Meet other Ukrainians that attend the University of Western Ontario and be a part of London's Ukrainian community. Get in touch with your heritage!

Undergraduate Financial Modelling (UFM)

Association for people with an interest in Financial Modelling/Quantitative Finance. Our goal is to teach and prepare interested undergraduate students for careers in the finance industry.

UNICEF at Western

UNICEF On Campus at Western aims to both raise awareness and fundraise for UNICEF's global mandate and mission, as well as to educated students on how they can help children around the world.

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

UAEM Western is a group of students who find it unacceptable that millions around the world don't have access to essential medicines. We passionately believe in health equity and the role universities such as Western have in promoting equal access.

UWO Choir

UWO choir is a welcoming and family-like environment where a diverse group of people who love and enjoy music of all sorts come together to reach a common goal. It is a place where expression and voice of oneself is sought through song. Wed 7-9 Law Rm 36!

UWO Conservatives (Western University Conservatives)

This year is a very exciting time to be a Conservative. There is a vast array of Club events that we put on including: socials, policy events, meeting with key politicians, Model Parliament and election campaigning.