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Taiwanese Association at Western

Welcome to Taiwanese Association at Western! Please visit and like our facebook page for updates:

Tamil Students' Association at Western (T-SAAW)

We embrace the culture of our fellow Tamil students and bring this community together through social activities, volunteer opportunities and traditional events.

Tea Club

Tea Club aims to provide a cozy atmosphere, where students can relax as they grab a cup of tea. Tea Club members will have opportunities to meet new people, while they gain a lot of interesting knowledge in tea.

Thaqalayn Muslim Association (TMA)

The TMA is a diverse group which focuses on leadership, integrity, and communication, whilst establishing a voice for Shi'a students on campus.

The Baking Club (Admin Use Only) (TBC)

Our mandate is to bake a variety of delicious treats and exchange recipes with other like-minded individuals.

The Comedy Club (Comedy)

Western's number one spot for comedy since our ratification in 2005 and near de-ratification 2005 to now! We have a weekly Improv meeting, where we learn skills and perform, as well as Write Club, where we write and perform sketches and stand-up comedy!

Transitional Justice Club (TJ Club)

The Transitional Justice Club aims to be an outlet in which students can participate in the currently emerging discourse in transitional justice by engaging with leading researchers in the field.

Turkish Students' Association (TSA)

The Turkish Students Association aims to promote Turkish culture by organizing events that reflects Turkish culture, and to bring not only Turkish students, but students from all around the world interested in our culture together.