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Model United Nations Society

We debate, discuss and learn more about various issues around the world in the spirit of the United Nations.

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights UWO

Human rights club dedicated to nonviolent forms of protest and resistance in order to draw attention to the struggle of the Palestinian people under the Israeli apartheid structure. Supporter of the international BDS movement.

Transitional Justice Club (TJ Club)

The Transitional Justice Club aims to be an outlet in which students can participate in the currently emerging discourse in transitional justice by engaging with leading researchers in the field.

UWO Conservatives (Western University Conservatives)

This year is a very exciting time to be a Conservative. There is a vast array of Club events that we put on including: socials, policy events, meeting with key politicians, Model Parliament and election campaigning.

Western Liberals

This is the official page of the Western Liberals, the YLC and OYL campus club at Western University (UWO). We represent the undergraduate and grad students at UWO, as well as Liberal youth in the three London ridings.

Western Lifeline

Western Lifeline is the pro-life presence at UWO. We believe in human rights for all human beings. Our mission is to make abortion unthinkable on our campus.