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Pakistani Students Association (PSA)

The PSA, a student organization, provides opportunities to Pakistani students to explore their ethnic and cultural background. We also focus on promoting a better understanding of Pakistani people, their culture, and values throughout the university.

Paper Art Club

Paper Art Club is a crafts club dedicated to origami, the art of paper folding.

Polish Students' Union (PSU)

Our goal is to cultivate polish roots and traditions, and to foster a sense of community by bringing together all people of Polish and non-Polish origin attending Western University. To afford all union members with the opportunity to …

Political Science Association (PSA)

The Political Science Association (PSA) is a ratified student-run organization affiliated with the Department of Political Science. The PSA aims to advance both the social and academic experience for Political Science students at Western.

Power to Change - Western (formerly Campus for Christ)

We are a movement dedicated to helping students discover Jesus and change the world. We want students to experience God’s love and forgiveness and become world changers as they make faith a lifelong commitment.

Pre-Business Students' Network (PBSN)

The Pre-Business Students Network (PBSN) is committed to enhancing the experience for students interested in business through workshops, competitions, mentorship, networking sessions, and much more.

Pre-Dental Society

The Pre-Dental Society aims to help students learn more about dentistry and how to enter into this field. We help students prepare for their DATs and introduce them to the different Dental schools from around the world.

Pre-Education Society

The Pre-Education Society works to help students better prepare themselves for Teacher's College. We organize for many Ontario and International University's to come and give presentations, we offer different volunteer opportunities within the commun…

Pre-Law Society (WPLS)

The Pre-Law Society is an academic club for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of Law. The club provides speakers and events geared towards helping our members gain entrance into the law school of their choice.

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