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Macedonian Students Association

A club to connect Macedonian students at Western and share Macedonian culture with other students.

Magic: The Gathering Association (WMGA)

The Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game club at Western. We welcome both casual and competitive players. Weekly meetings with drafts, tournaments etc.

Makeup Inspiring Student Self-Esteem (MISS)

MISS provides an inclusive environment for anyone interested in makeup. We promote the use of makeup as a creative tool for expression, as well as the inclusivity of ethnic features that might not fit the “ideal” standard of beauty.

Model United Nations Society

We debate, discuss and learn more about various issues around the world in the spirit of the United Nations.

Movies and Videos Productions Club (MVP)

MVP is a club where innovative students can bring their ideas into actions. We bring together students who are interested in media productions and operate as a whole to produce valuable movies and videos.

Multiple Sclerosis Western

Welcome to Multiple Sclerosis Western! We are your #1 source for outreach and information about M.S. in the London community. Join our club for an incredible experience helping others, to boost your resume, and to make some great friends!

Music Box Children's Charity - Western (MBCC UWO)

MusicBox Children’s Charity--Western Chapter aims to bring music education to underprivileged children in the London area.

Muslim Students' Association (Western MSA)

The Muslim Students' Association (MSA) is one of the largest clubs on campus. The mission of the MSA is to provide an Islamic environment conducive to creativity, leadership, excellence and professionalism to empower students to reach their potential…