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Kidney Club of Western

We're about raising money, spreading awareness, and having a good time doing it!

Kinesiology Students' Council (KSC)

Kinesiology Students' Council

Knitting Society

The Knitting Society is a club where anyone of any knitting ability (beginners to intermediate) are welcome. Members can learn basic techniques as well as expand their present knowledge of the craft. Enjoy friendly conversation while making something…

Korean Christian Fellowship (KCF)

Korean Christian Fellowship is a club aimed at raising up its members to a greater awareness of the Christian faith, as well as connecting people into great friendships that will last a lifetime. We hope to do these things and make the Gospel known t…

Korean Students Association

Western University Korean Students' Association (WUKSA) is a club that strives to create a forum for all Korean students and anyone interested in Korean culture, across all faculties and undergraduate student bodies.

Kurdish Students' Association (KSA)

The main aims of KSA at UWO include promoting and raising awareness for Kurdish heritage, culture and history whilst educating, assisting and enlightening members of KSA.