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Indigenous Allies Society (IAS)

The Indigenous Allies Society is a club open to non-indigenous and indigenous students that have an aptitude for proactive change and would like to hold events to promote awareness of the issues faced by the indigenous peoples of Canada.

Indigenous Student Association (First Nations)

Our main goal is to maintain a sense of community among our peers and educate the public about our culture and current issues involving Indigenous peoples.

Ismaili Students Association

The Western Ismaili Students' Association is comprised of UWO students that are mostly of the Shia Ismaili Muslim faith. The WISA is a university-sanctioned club that promotes community building amongst both Ismailis and non-ismailis alike at UWO and…

Israel On Campus

If you can't spend next year in Jerusalem, we've got the next best thing. Israel on Campus brings the homeland a little closer to home. We are a group of Western students who are united in our proud support of Israel, and our interest in giving Weste…