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Association of Role Players (WARP)

A gathering of enthusiasts of all manners of role-playing games for cultural benefit.

Calligraphers of Western (CROWN)

This is a UWO club dedicated to raising and exposing East Asian culture through various styles of calligraphy. Both beginners experienced calligraphers are welcome. All lessons and materials are provided by the club.

Chess Club

The Chess Club provides a fun atmosphere to play chess! Whether you are looking to learn the game for the first time, looking to better your skills, or simply looking to find and take on the competition, the chess club has it all!

Chinese Cultural Games Club

The Chinese Cultural Games Club is dedicated in promoting the Chinese culture through various social and entertainment activities, spreading the understanding and awareness across the Western University and the London community.

Electronic Gaming Association (EGA)

The Western Electronic Gaming Association (WEGA) is a platform for Western students with a love for gaming to socialize and play. With LANs and weekly console meetups, the club aims to bring together like-minded gamers and build a community.

Jugglers Club

The award winning Western Juggling Club is a student club that promotes juggling as a fun, stress-relieving activity that helps develop hand-eye coordination. The club is suitable for jugglers of all skill levels,

Knitting Society

The Knitting Society is a club where anyone of any knitting ability (beginners to intermediate) are welcome. Members can learn basic techniques as well as expand their present knowledge of the craft. Enjoy friendly conversation while making something…

Magic: The Gathering Association (WMGA)

The Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game club at Western. We welcome both casual and competitive players. Weekly meetings with drafts, tournaments etc.

Paper Art Club

Paper Art Club is a crafts club dedicated to origami, the art of paper folding.

Purple Spur Society

The largest club at Western whose mandate is to maintain and foster the Spirit of Western, support varsity athletics, and facilitate wicked-awesome social interaction among all Mustangs.

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