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Active Minds Western

We are Western students working to raise awareness and eliminate common stigma that surrounds mental health. Our ultimate aim is to encourage open conversations and help-seeking among individuals who may or may not be directly impacted by mental illness.

Alzheimer's Western Club

A student-run philanthropic group that aims to spread awareness about Alzheimer's disease and related dementias in the community and in the Western & affiliate student body, as well as support the local Alzheimer Society.

Autism Awareness Western (AAW)

Autism Awareness Western is a club that promotes awareness of autism and raise funds to support people and families with autism in a meaningful way. We will work closely with both the Western student body and the surrounding community to aid this cause.

Cancer Awareness Society (CAS)

The Cancer Awareness Society is a non-profit student run organization that is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer to the Western University student population.


The CANFAR club is a charity club whose aim is to raise money and awareness about the threat of HIV/AIDS. All the proceeds from our events will go towards the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research to help fund Canadian Researchers find a cure for HI…

Dignitas Youth

To strengthen and improve Western University’s involvement in the global fight against HIV/AIDS in Malawi.

Heart and Stroke Club

The Heart and Stroke Club is an organization that brings the values, beliefs and guidance of the Heart and Stroke Foundation into University life. Working alongside the London Branch of Heart and Stroke Foundation, the club is designed to raise aware…

Kidney Club of Western

We're about raising money, spreading awareness, and having a good time doing it!

Students Fight Parkinsons

Students Fight Parkinson's (SFP) is a student-run group, established in 2010 at Western University. We work to raise awareness for Parkinson's disease and funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Western Crafting for a Cure

Western CFC strives to achieve the goals of the not-for-profit registered charity "Crafting for a Cure" by facilitating unique volunteer opportunities for students.

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