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Faculty of Arts and Humanities Students' Council (AHSC)

AHSC is a community of passionate Arts and Humanities students committed to bringing a variety of student-programming to A&H students. Through our programming, we hope to foster a companionship between all of the Arts & Humanities faculty.

Faculty of Education

To be a teacher is to instruct. To be an educator is to be a student of the theory and practice of teaching. As teacher candidates, do we want to teach, or do we want to educate?

Faculty of Health Sciences Students' Council (FHSSC)

The Faculty of Health Sciences Students' Council is comprised of 70 members and is committed to providing Kinesiology, Health Studies and Nursing with the best student experience.

Faculty of Hippocratic Council (Hippo)

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Faculty of Information & Media Studies Students' Council (FIMSSC)

The Undergraduate Students' Council of the Faculty of Information & Media Studies.

Faculty of Music Students Council (Music)

The Don Wright Faculty of Music Students' Council at Western University exists to provide academic support, social resources, and functions as a liaison between students, administration, and other organizations within the Western and London communities.

Faculty of Social Science Students' Council (SSSC)

The largest faculty council at the University of Western Ontario. The Social Science Students' Council represents over 6,500 students on main campus in Social Science.

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