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DAN Management Students' Association (DMSA)

The DAN Management Students’ Association (DMSA) acts as the official liaison between the DAN Management program and the student body. We aim to unite business-minded individuals across campus and seek to fuel professional and personal growth.

Dance Force - UWO

Founded in 2004, UWO Dance Force commits its focus to fulfilling the hearts of local artists at the University of Western Ontario. With a team of 150 individuals, ranging from beginner to professional levels, Dance Force dedicates time to teaching, l…

DECA U Western

Western University's DECA U chapter is part of an international organization designed to attract motivated students working to become future leaders. The organization engages students in business-related areas such as marketing, ent…

Dignitas Youth

To strengthen and improve Western University’s involvement in the global fight against HIV/AIDS in Malawi.

Duke of Edinburghs Club (UWO DUKE OF ED)

The Western Duke of Edinburgh's Club was created to allow UWO students, who began the program in high school or started later on, an avenue to facilitate the completion of the award program. The club allows for forums in community service, skill…

Dumbledore's Army (D.A.)

Dumbledore's Army is an interactive and exciting club that unites students together through social events to create friendships and celebrate a common passion for Harry Potter.