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African Students Association (ASA)

Celebrating and raising awareness of African culture at Western University and around London. Anyone is welcome to join our club.

Arab Students Association (ASA)

Western Arab Student Association is a cultural club that promotes awareness concerning the Arabic culture through educational seminars, cultural gatherings, and philanthropic initiatives. As well as undertaking social events which work to unite the A…

Black Students Association (BSA)

The Black Students’ Association is a USC student-run club at the University of Western Ontario. BSA has had a deep investment in the black student experience at Western. We seek to foster community ties and provide a safe space for students to socialize.

Canadian Asian International Students Association (CAISA) (CAISA)

CAISA is one of Western's most active student organizations. We are a multicultural club that prides itself on social activities, community involvement, and academic balance: all integral parts of university life.

Canadian-Italian Awareness Organization (CIAO)

Western University's Canadian-Italian student association! Offering Western students a taste of Italian culture, language, and food.

Caribbean Students Organization (CSO)

The Caribbean Student's Organization provides a home away from home for those of Caribbean descent and works towards the enhancement of Western's knowledge of Caribbean culture.

Chinese Christian Club

A Christian fellowship for Mandarin and Cantonese speaking students at Western. We work closely with the Outreach Department of the Youth Fellowship at the London Chinese Alliance Church. Our mission is to encourage witness to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Chinese Cultural Games Club

The Chinese Cultural Games Club is dedicated in promoting the Chinese culture through various social and entertainment activities, spreading the understanding and awareness across the Western University and the London community.

Chinese Students Association (CSA)

The Chinese Students' Association of the University of Western Ontario is one of the oldest and largest of the Chinese cultural clubs. We focus primarily on creating social events, such as our signature cooperative events: Western Voice singing...

Croatian Club

The Croatian Club at Western University is a club that promotes Croatian identity, culture, and language to all of those who are interested.

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