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Calligraphers of Western (CROWN)

This is a UWO club dedicated to raising and exposing East Asian culture through various styles of calligraphy. Both beginners experienced calligraphers are welcome. All lessons and materials are provided by the club.

Canadian Asian International Students Association (CAISA) (CAISA)

CAISA is one of Western's most active student organizations. We are a multicultural club that prides itself on social activities, community involvement, and academic balance: all integral parts of university life.

Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine at Western (CARRM at Western)

The Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine (CARRM) at Western is a nonprofit, student-led organization dedicated to advancing the field of regenerative medicine....

Canadian Feed the Children (CFTC Western)

Canadian Feed The Children Western is devoted to reducing the impact of poverty on children, both locally and internationally, through creative fundraising events and initiatives.

Canadian-Italian Awareness Organization (CIAO)

Western University's Canadian-Italian student association! Offering Western students a taste of Italian culture, language, and food.

Cancer Awareness Society (CAS)

The Cancer Awareness Society is a non-profit student run organization that is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer to the Western University student population.


The CANFAR club is a charity club whose aim is to raise money and awareness about the threat of HIV/AIDS. All the proceeds from our events will go towards the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research to help fund Canadian Researchers find a cure for HI…

Capital Markets

Western Capital Markets is an investment club dedicated to working with the most hesitant beginners and giving them the knowledge they need to succeed, as well as to fine tuning the skills of seasoned professionals. We take a student-oriented, hands…

Caribbean Students Organization (CSO)

The Caribbean Student's Organization provides a home away from home for those of Caribbean descent and works towards the enhancement of Western's knowledge of Caribbean culture.

Challenge and Change (C&C WESTERN)

Our club offers students the opportunity to step out into the community to directly help those facing poverty. From facilitating locally-run programs to raising homelessness awareness on campus, we are passionate to make a difference in London.

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