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Capital Markets

Western Capital Markets is an investment club dedicated to working with the most hesitant beginners and giving them the knowledge they need to succeed, as well as to fine tuning the skills of seasoned professionals. We take a student-oriented, hands…

DECA U Western

Western University's DECA U chapter is part of an international organization designed to attract motivated students working to become future leaders. The organization engages students in business-related areas such as marketing, ent…

Global China Connection UWO (GCCUWO)

GCCUWO is an organization devoted to developing professional opportunities and insightful experiences for the students of today, in order to cultivate the next generation of world leaders and professionals. With a worldwide network of over 40 chapters...

Western Forex Association

The Western Forex Association (WFA) is a UWO USC ratified organization which aims to raise awareness about and spark a deep interest in the Forex market. Catered to the UWO student body, the WFA is dedicated to bringing an immersed experience in all …

Western Investment Club (WIC)

The Western Investment Club ("WIC")'s mandate is to spark interest in young investors, and teach the fundamentals of value investing. The club manages over $150,000 of real capital in a diversified portfolio of U.S. and Canadian equities.

Western Sport Business Club (WSBC)

The Western Sport Business Club (WSBC) is a student organization with the purpose of bringing together students with a particular interest in the sport business industry. Join us for networking opportunities, speaker series, facility tours and more.