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Dignitas Youth

To strengthen and improve Western University’s involvement in the global fight against HIV/AIDS in Malawi.

Duke of Edinburghs Club (UWO DUKE OF ED)

The Western Duke of Edinburgh's Club was created to allow UWO students, who began the program in high school or started later on, an avenue to facilitate the completion of the award program. The club allows for forums in community service, skill…

Dumbledore's Army (D.A.)

Dumbledore's Army is an interactive and exciting club that unites students together through social events to create friendships and celebrate a common passion for Harry Potter.

Electronic Gaming Association (EGA)

The Western Electronic Gaming Association (WEGA) is a platform for Western students with a love for gaming to socialize and play. With LANs and weekly console meetups, the club aims to bring together like-minded gamers and build a community.

Electronic Music Community (EMC)

The purpose of the EDM Club at Western is to bring together our fellow students who have similar tastes in music regarding the electronic music scene. We wish to form an accepting community of students who have a strong passion for music.

Envelope for Joy (EnJOY)

Our aim is to spread positivity within the university, London, and international communities through hand-written letters and cards.

Exercise is Medicine Canada on Campus at Western University (EIM)

Exercise is Medicine Canada on Campus at Western University aims to promote physical activity as a method of chronic disease prevention, to improve the health of Canadians and to make Western's campus a healthier place.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities Students' Council (AHSC)

AHSC is a community of passionate Arts and Humanities students committed to bringing a variety of student-programming to A&H students. Through our programming, we hope to foster a companionship between all of the Arts & Humanities faculty.