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Asian Christian Fellowship (Western ACF)

A place of fellowship for followers of Christ. We are a club that exists to bring glory to God in all that we do. Our goal is to build Christ-centered relationships with one another and grow together in our understanding of Christ.

Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia (ALPHA)

ALPHA's mission is to foster awareness of an often overlooked aspect of World War II history in Asia.

Association of International Relations (AIR)

The Association of International Relations (AIR) aims to create an environment where international diplomacy, State-relations, and world issues can be openly discussed and analyzed by Western students interested in the areas of politics and history.

Association of Role Players (WARP)

A gathering of enthusiasts of all manners of role-playing games for cultural benefit.

Autism Awareness Western (AAW)

Autism Awareness Western is a club that promotes awareness of autism and raise funds to support people and families with autism in a meaningful way. We will work closely with both the Western student body and the surrounding community to aid this cause.

Automotive Society - Western (WAS)

Do you love, breathe and dream cars? If so, this is the club for you. Western Automotive Society is an automotive enthusiast club made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Bangladeshi Students' Association

A cultural club for Bangladeshis and anyone interested in Bengali Culture.

Best Buddies Western (Best Buddies)

Best Buddies is a national charitable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those in the community by fostering one-to-one friendships between students and people with intellectual disabilities. Through one-to-one meetings and monthly grou…

Black Students Association (BSA)

The Black Students’ Association is a USC student-run club at the University of Western Ontario. BSA has had a deep investment in the black student experience at Western. We seek to foster community ties and provide a safe space for students to socialize.

Board Games - Western (WBG)

Western Board Games provides a friendly environment for students who share a passion for board games to come together at weekly events.