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Abolition Project Against Human Trafficking (TAPAHT)

We are dedicated to raising awareness about issues of human trafficking in Canada and around the world with the aim of eradicating slavery.

Acapella Project (TAP)

The Acapella Project is a group of students, brought together by our shared love of music. We are an a-cappella choir which aims to bring its unique brand of music to the community. All levels of musical experience is welcome.

Active Minds Western

We are Western students working to raise awareness and eliminate common stigma that surrounds mental health. Our ultimate aim is to encourage open conversations and help-seeking among individuals who may or may not be directly impacted by mental illness.

Actuarial and Statistical Undergraduate Association (ASUA)

The Actuarial and Statistical Undergraduate Association's mission is to bring together the statistical and actuarial community on campus

Adventists Students Association

The Western Adventist Students' Association is a diverse and dynamic group of Christian students focusing on personal spiritual growth as well as participating in various outreach projects within the local London community. Our mission is simple: Wo…

African Students Association (ASA)

Celebrating and raising awareness of African culture at Western University and around London. Anyone is welcome to join our club.

Alzheimer's Western Club

A student-run philanthropic group that aims to spread awareness about Alzheimer's disease and related dementias in the community and in the Western & affiliate student body, as well as support the local Alzheimer Society.

Amnesty International at Western

Amnesty at Western is a youth branch of Amnesty International Canada. It is a non-profit, human rights organization, which works to end human rights violations world-wide. Amnesty at Western has over 150 student members and holds several great even…

Anthropology Society

The Anthropology Society is a great way to meet people in the department, get info and help with anything Anthropology related. The club also has fun social events.

Arab Students Association (ASA)

Western Arab Student Association is a cultural club that promotes awareness concerning the Arabic culture through educational seminars, cultural gatherings, and philanthropic initiatives. As well as undertaking social events which work to unite the A…

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